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Anxiety Disorder Association of Ontario (ADAO)
The ADAO is a registered charity and non-profit organization based in Ottawa, Ontario. Our mandate is to assist individuals with anxiety conditions and their families, to promote both public and professional awareness of these conditions, and to provide programs, and educational services. We do this to foster personal mental health and well being for those in our community, and to build a community that is more supportive of persons with anxiety conditions. The ADAO provides information and assistance through its educational materials, phone support, public presentations, and a wide variety of programs including a 14-week educational workshop. The ADAO is a trusted community leader in public education and information about anxiety conditions and raises funds to support all activities of the organization.

Services include:
* 14 week anxiety management program
* Toll-free and local telephone line for resource and referrals.
* Educational presentations and seminars for the public, the health services sector, schools, various non-profit organizations, community centers, businesses and government departments
153 Chapel Street,, Heartwood House
Ottawa, ON, K1N 1H5 Map
Numéro d’ATS : 1-877-308-3843
Âges servis: Tous âges
Langue: Anglais
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Région desservie Ontario

Programmes et services inclussent

14 Week Anxiety Management Workshop
The ADAO 14-Week Anxiety Management Workshop is a structured educational workshop, the focus of which is on providing participants with tools and information to assist them in managing their symptoms of anxiety. 

Participants will learn:
* Knowledge about anxiety conditions
* An understanding of the impact of nutrition and stress on symptoms of anxiety
* Self-management techniques including deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness techniques
* An understanding of how automatic thoughts, unconscious rules / beliefs, and thinking styles contribute to anxiety
* Effective communication skills
* The ability to use graduated exposure to reduce symptoms of anxiety
* Goal setting and follow-through
* Positive coping strategies to replace negative coping strategies
* Assertiveness skills (i.e., setting boundaries, constructive criticism)
* Anger management techniques
* An ability to cope with setbacks and plateaus
Note that there is a fee to attend the workshop; contact the ADAO for more details.
153 Chapel Street
Ottawa, ON, K1N 1H5 Map
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Âges servis: 18 ans et plus
Langue: Anglais
Frais Oui ($425; installment plan available; subsidized spots available)
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