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Mental Health Legislation in Ontario

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Mental Health Act

  • Defines categories of psychiatric institutions (Sections 1 and 2)
  • Covers legal rights of patients and outlines who is to ensure these (Section 14)
  • Covers procedures for obtaining consent for treatment by patients deemed unable to consent for themselves (Section 15)
  • Physicians can complete various forms to request psychiatric consultation for a patient, with main forms being:
    • Form 1, which is used by a physician to request psychiatric consultation for a patient considered to be a potential harm to him- or herself (e.g., threatening to harm himself or others). 
    • Form 2 is used to request a psychiatric assessment for a person who is in imminent danger of self-harm. 
    • Form 3 is used to order an involuntary admission to a psychiatric facility. 
    • Form 4 renews an involuntary admission to a facility.
  • Links to more information about the Act
  • View various mental health forms online on the Government of Ontario website
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